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All Services Listed are available in online format as well, except for technique. The first price listed is the in person price, and the second is the online price. The prices are per one service. Students are not limited, and can do/combine some services, or all of them for a discounted price. Online students can combine all of them for a discounted price (this does not include technique class).

Free Online Masterclasses


Here, we were founded on the idea that the exchange of thought, rhetoric, and music, should be free and open to all. Through innovative use of technology, we have created an online environment in which students from all around the world can interact with world class musicians and teachers. Here they get to form a tight knit community, and participate in free online masterclasses with our distinguished guest artists and faculty. Contact us to learn how you can benefit from these masterclasses today.

Private Lessons- $75 / 60


On top of access to the online community and masterclasses, students who want this option can take it one step further. Students can benefit from our immersive one on one lessons and develop their musical knowledge, facility, and performance skills. Here they will work in rotation with our faculty to engage all of their critical thinking skills, to make sure they are the most well rounded musicians possible. Teacher rotation ensures that the student is well cared for in all musical needs, while getting different viewpoints on music as a whole. Online lessons for those unable to attend in person will be offered at a reduced rate.

Keyboard Technique- $40


A strong, flexible technique is essential for total artistic freedom. Building on the revolutionary work of Franz Liszt, the foremost piano technique expert in the world, we apply lessons from Alexander Technique to keyboard instruments, which has been scientifically proven to dramatically reduce the risk of playing-related injury, while allowing for a near-effortless command of the instrument. Technique classes will be held in a group setting, and one-on-one work will take place in the student’s regular lessons.

Studio Group Classes- $40 / 25

Not Currently Available

Some of the most rewarding, inspiring, and instructive moments in music education come from small group discussions. These studio classes will be, in essence, a hybrid of traditional masterclass format, and a seminar-type discussion. Topics will cover score analysis, philosophical discussion, and refinement of interpretation, in addition to critiquing peers’ performances. Studio classes will be offered online at a reduced rate for those unable to attend in person.

Music Theory- $40 / 40

Not Currently Available

Music theory, history, and composition knowledge are all important for well-rounded musicians. Yet, classes in these subjects are next to nonexistent outside of high schools and universities. We aim to make a fundamental understanding of these topics much more available to everybody through in-person and online applied music theory/history courses, including training in a variety of compositional styles.

To enroll in any of the above classes, complete the enrollment form below, and email it to mcates@durufleacademy.org.

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