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Welcome to Synesthete Records

The most valuable asset a recording engineer has is their ears, and having an experienced musician as a recording engineer is essential in producing a recording that is well-balanced and natural-sounding.

A great classical recording captures intimate detail, but maintains an honest and realistic atmosphere. Unfortunately, over-produced and unnatural recordings are now commonplace in the classical music world. Our specialty, is the quest that many do not take: letting the music speak for itself—Human, Real, Honest— that is our motto.

Discover Our Vision

Our work is meticulously hand crafted to match the artists’ desires and needs. Click here to see our work.

Pricing (Flexible)

The below shows a basic idea of what a session might cost. Note that we charge more for large/complex ensembles, and will charge travel fees for drives more than about half an hour from Winston-Salem NC.

Audio Recording + editing

$100 + 50 per hour of recording time.

Video and Audio Recording + Free Editing

$200 + 100 per hour of recording time.

Record an Album (CD or LP)

Price dependent on recording costs, media, and scale.

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To book a session, email us or use the form below.

Synesthete Records

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